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Mistra Digital Forest will contribute to a significant leap regarding the digitalization of forest operations. The availability of high‐resolution digital information is increasing fast in the forestry sector. Integrating information flows has a great potential to increase efficiency and add value by utilizing the potential of information value chains.

Automatic processing of data will provide a basis for planning and decision support for forest management, enabling a more efficient and environmentally friendly utilization of products from the forest, a more efficient use of raw material, machines and data, and precision and predictability in planning and raw material flow.

Mistra Digital Forest is focused on creating a functional digitalization that integrates the entire forestry value chain, in which the industrial process starts already at the standing trees, being fully integrated with the factory. This approach will give a positive environmental impact on society and on Swedish competitiveness, and it will greatly contribute to Sweden’s conversion to a bioeconomy and to climate change mitigation. The program will in addition provide digital solutions for forestry sustainability analyses and a developed community dialogue. A joint program test site, the Digital Forest Test Site, will be established as an important hub for the program cooperation.

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Sverker Danielsson
Programme Manager
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