Coordination and Communication (WP0)

This work package does not conduct research, but acts as the hub of the network with a cohesive function. Here, Mistra Digital Forest’s management team works to create the right conditions for the research taking place in the programme, and to help useful results move towards practical applications. This is done through a variety of coordinating measures and communication inputs.

The work package consists of two sub-tasks:

Coordination of research within Mistra Digital Forest

The work in this task is carried out by the programme management team, which consists of the programme manager, deputy programme manager, communications officer and the leaders of the other work packages. Among other things, the Programme Management Team is responsible for coordinating the work packages into a coherent programme, and ensuring that the programme objectives are met. They are also responsible for the various joint initiatives launched within the programme. These include two experimental parks and a training programme to build digital skills in forestry companies, as well as two forums. This sub-task also intended to strengthen collaboration between the programme’s researchers and to make research results available outside the programme, so that they can be used and further developed by more actors.


Communication is a strategic tool in the implementation of the programme. Since Mistra Digital Forest started in 2019, the programme has strived to progressively raise its communication ambitions, and the intention of the programme is to act as a communication hub for the opportunities offered by digitalisation within Swedish forestry. Typical activities include communicating news on the Mistra Digital Forest website, in social channels and via the newsletter. Programme conferences, and a variety of meetings such as workshops and forums are arranged regularly. Externally, one important task is to establish international contacts that increase awareness of the programme.