Mistra Digital Forest’s engagement at IUFRO 2024

The IUFRO World Congress 2024 is approaching. Mistra Digital Forest is involved in several parts of the conference – here we list them.

The IUFRO World Congress will be held from June 23 to June 29, 2024, in Stockholm. The IUFRO World Congress is a significant event in forestry, bringing together experts and professionals from around the world. It is a great honor for Sweden to host this prestigious congress and showcase our commitment to sustainable forestry and innovation.

Here you can see which parts Mistra Digital Forest is engaged in and elements related to the program’s area. Already during lunch on the first day, you can take part in results from Mistra Digital Forest, and the features will continue throughout the week, both at Stockholmsmässan and in the Sörmland forests.

Monday 24 June

12:00 – 12:45 PM
Poster session 1 – T5.10 Digitalization for sustainable forest management
Title: Identifying cultural remains using airborne laser scanning
Abstract ID: 58598
Presenting author: Henrik Jan Persson, SLU

12:00 – 12:45 PM
Poster session 1 – T5.10 Digitalization for sustainable forest management
Title: Smart forest inventory using samples of dense airborne laser scanning
Abstract ID: 58604
Presenting author: Henrik Jan Persson, SLU

12:45 – 12:50 PM
Operational assessment of forest growth using airborne laser scanning data acquired on the national level, Jörgen Wallerman, SLU

01:30 – 01:35 PM
The use of digital decision support tools in Swedish forestry – an overview and outlook, Maria Nordström. Skogforsk

01:50 – 01:55 PM
GoForward moving forward: updated decision support tool for efficient forwarding in harvest operations, Linnea Hansson, Skogforsk

04:00 – 06:00 PM
T5.2 Artificial Intelligence in Forest Management – Opportunities, Challenges and Social Consequences Panel

04:00 – 06:00 PM
T5.10 Digitalization for sustainable forest management (arrangörer: Mistra Digital Forest, NIBIO – Smart Forest, UNITE)

04:00 – 06:00 PM
T5.30 Simulation and automation in modern forest operations (arrangörer: UMU, SLU, CoLAB ForestWISE

04:00 – 06:00 PM
T5.8 Developments in complex remote sensing-assisted forest surveys to support monitoring and assessment of forest ecosystems

04:45 – 05:00 PM
Combining laser data and aerial imagery in preparation for nationwide tree species classification, Christoffer Axelsson, SLU

Tuesday 25 June

05:15 – 05:30 PM
T1.19 Managing Forests for Multiple Ecosystem Services under Changing Climate
Multi-criteria decision analysis as a pathway to sustainable forest management: A Swedish case study, Karin Öhman, SLU

08:42 – 08:54 AM
Methods to reduce the design-bias of model-based predictors based on remotely sensed data, Göran Ståhl, SLU

08:30 AM
Open data, models, and software for machine automation
A Fälldin1, C Häggström2, C Höök2, P Jönsson3, O Lindroos2, M Lundbäck1, E Wallin1Martin Servin1 1Umeå University, 2Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 3Skogforsk – the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden

09:06 – 09:18 AM
Mapping of structures for biodiversity in boreal forest in Sweden from airborne laser scanning data and Sentinel-2 satellite images, Eva Lindberg, SLU

09:30 – 09:42 AM
Deep learning-based tree species identification using high-density airborne laser scanning and forest harvester data, Raul de Paula Pires, SLU

Wednesday 26 June

Full Day Event
Mistra Digital Forest, together with Skogsindustrierna, Sveaskog, Skogsstyrelsen, Skogforsk, SLU, and Umeå University, invites you to an excursion. The excursion is named “Digitalisation for sustainable forest management.”

Includes among other things:

  • Mapping biodiversity indicators (dead wood etc) using laser data. Eva Lindberg. SLU and Mistra Digital Forest.
  • New terrain trafficability measures for forwarders – a demo. A Fälldin, M Lundbäck, M Servin, E Wallin – Umeå Univeristy and Mistra Digital Forest.
  • RöjSat. Maria Nordström, Skogforsk.

Friday 28 June

08:30 AM
Simulation and automation in modern forest operations. Mikael Lundbäck1, Martin Servin1, Ola Lindroos2, Alexandra Marques2, and Ruben Valbuena21Umeå University, 2Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

08:45 AM
FOMO: A forest operations annotated image dataset, Christian Höök1, O Lindroos1, C Häggström1, O Mendoza-Trejo11Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

9:15 AM
Learning forwarder trafficability from real and synthetic data, M Lundbäck1Arvid Fälldin1, E Wallin1, M Servin11Umeå University

09:45 – 10:00 AM
Pathfinder – A decision support tool for operational planning of integrated mechanical site preparation and planting on forest regeneration areas, Linnea Hansson, Skogforsk

10:00 AM
Pioneering Automation in Forestry: AORO’s Crane Automation Journey and Implications, Pedro La Hera1, O Mendoza-Trejo1, O Lindroos1, H Lideskog2, T Lindbäck2, M Karlberg2 – 1Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 2Luleå University of Technology

10:15 AM
Towards autonomous forwarding using deep learning and simulation, M Lundbäck1, A Fälldin1Erik Wallin1, M Servin11Umeå University