sep 12

Mistra 30 years Jubilee Conference – Knowledge – Confidence – Leadership

In a world facing the challenges of fragmenting multilateralism and geopolitical tensions, Mistra´s 30th jubilee conference explores the critical role of strategic environmental research in leading towards a sustainable future.

Program Highlights:

Visionary Beginnings: The event kickstarts with Icelandic author Andri Snær Magnason, who will set the stage for a riveting discussion on the necessity of a new vision for our future. Explore the paths of transformation and the means to foster legitimacy and consensus in the face of diverging incentives.

Geopolitical Contexts: Unpack the intricate ties between the sustainability agenda and global security with Elisabeth Braw, a renowned security expert and leader of the Modern Deterrence project at RUSI, London. The discussion will add further perspectives into how sustainability challenges intersect with security concerns.

Leadership under Uncertainty: Concluding panels will focus on navigating leadership under tension and uncertainty, with insights from David Blood, Co-Founder of Generation Investment Management, and Chiara Montanari, an experienced Antarctic expedition leader. Discussions with decision makers on how they balance uncertainty, risk, and complexity without losing the pace.

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